Stardust and Rust Print Gallery



We would love to welcome you to the Stardust and Rust Blog! Our print design gallery is a colorful space where we dream a lot, then sketch, paint, collage or print until we make a little magic that we hope will resonate with you and your home/fashion/business aesthetic. Therefore our blog will offer swatches and other visuals from our inspirations, fashion trends, surface design ideas and more.

It's May already! In our midwestern USA home base, it's barely a 'spring awakening' weather-wise (though we are only a month and a half away from the official start to summer!), and with it comes a lot of blooms and floral inspiration. Our spring design catalog should be ready for publication by mid-month, and we are so excited to show you our latest offerings!

Please feel free to leave us comments or messages on content that you'd like to see, and follow us on our social media channels via the links provided. Can't wait to have you on board!